THERE IS NO DRIVER SHORTAGE!!! There are many GOOD truck drivers who refuse to drive truck at the current rate of pay and be treated like a slave! Don believe me? Offer about $30.00 per hour and supply a company credit card and a company issued cell phone and then treat your good drivers like you would treat your CEO ( and remember that you need your drivers all day, every day, but your CEO could disappear for a week at a time without changing the way your company functions ), and then get rid of your poor drivers. You will have tons of good drivers ( remember those guys who could drive for years and never run over anything or wreck your truck and they could change their own tires and do most of the repairs themselves on the side of the road? ) want to work for you! Your safety record will improve overnight Cheap Snapbacks, your insurance company will be happy, your customers will be happy, your repair bills will be much less and your equipment will last longer. David Brown is correct when he says cream of the crop drivers today are working YES, they are operating a bulldozer or backhoe or some other piece of equipment on a construction site for $30.00/hr and they get treated like they should because the company they work for knows that they NEED those guys every day! They are not foolish enough to hire someone from another country, who does not have a clue what to do, doesn understand/speak english, and try to pay them $10/hr! The people who actually do the work need to be the highest paid people in the company! The truck drivers, the bulldozer operators, the mechanics, the welders, etc.

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Cheap Snapbacks After a bunch of incoherent blathering, Jill accepts what she thinks is an apology for the sake of the group. I didn’t actually hear Mr. Lunchboxhead apologize for anything, but if patting herself on the back for being „the bigger person“ by allowing Simon to „apologize“ to her ends this nonsense, then let’s just go with it.. Cheap Snapbacks

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