Equality of opportunity. Safety from violence for everyone. We are so sick of violence. I created one.‘ „Voisine took her background in fashion and design to become a millinery, a person who designs women’s hats.Whether it is for a fashion show or an everyday outing, her business is gaining momentum, she said.Voisine was born and raised in Maine.“It was a small town on the border of Canada and the United States,“ she said. „All the people were very fashionable because it was so close to Canada.“Her life centered around creativity, from the trends she saw from people in her town to her family’s ability to knit and sew almost any design.“(The women in my family) could see a dress in a magazine and create it replica snapbacks,“ Voisine said.She knew she wanted to attend college for fashion design.But after college, she ended up in the travel industry working all over Europe and using her ability to speak to work as a translator.She spent years abroad and decided it was time to follow her passion.Voisine moved to Los Angeles to work in the film industry doing costume designs.“I was very thankful when I got the opportunity,“ she said. „It was a dream come true.“She worked with stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sally Field and on projects ranging from „Miami Vice“ to „Days of Our Lives.“Even though she loved her industry, she moved to Henderson 23 years ago when her husband got a career opportunity.When he died in 1999, she considered moving to jump back into her previous career.“But people tell you don’t make any sudden moves after a tragedy https://www.basketballhat.com/,“ she said.Instead, she started an interior design company locally.The opportunity allowed her to dress showrooms of model homes across the city.When the housing crisis hit Nevada, her business was also hurt.She took various sales jobs until three years ago, when she felt called to make a change.“I just woke up and knew what I wanted to do,“ she said.

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