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We postulated that improvements in healthcare provision will

Individuals in the highest socioeconomic class were also more likely to die above the median age of death than those in the lowest socioeconomic class (from 1959 to 2000, adjusted odds ratio for sex 2.50, 2.16 to 2.90; from 2001 to 2008, 1.89, 1.20 to 2.97).Conclusions Socioeconomic status and sex remain strong determinants of survival […]

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I’m reminded of a debilitating injury I suffered in my early

When it comes to lifting, you want the energy coming from your legs, not from your back. I’m reminded of a debilitating injury I suffered in my early twenties. Being young and immortal, I attempted to lift one end of a 200 pound desk by bending over from the waist and lifting.

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The polymer stops vibration and increases in efficacy with

He can do it. He has computer skills. My guess is that he smart. Soundproofing drywall is a sound isolation system designed to replace standard drywall in any wall (or ceiling) construction including wood or steel studs. Soundproofing drywall is a multi layer laminated gypsum wall product that uses viscoelastic polymers to convert sound waves […]

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Kids size hockey jerseys make ideal clothes for children who

Parents who raise their kids on the NHL often enjoy dressing their children in team paraphernalia. Kids size hockey jerseys make ideal clothes for children who play in hockey leagues. Oftentimes, at live professional games, television networks zoom their cameras on kids who are dressed like true fans.

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In a nutshell: Atlanta is in good position to be the No

Of the small percentage of websites that get past that first hurdle above, a large number of them miss the boat here. In fact, if a website does not explain exactly how it can help a visitor within the first ten seconds or so, it will lose many of its hard earned visitors. So why […]

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I’m sure you could describe Janey in „Ice Storm“ as cold but

I happen to be Italian and although I can confirm that the horn gesture („fare le corna“, not „corne“) means exactly what you describe in the article, it is maybe interesting to know though that that is not the only meaning. If the „horns“ are pointing down, that is a superstitious gesture, similar to touching […]

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